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London’s Garden Bridge will be a stunning new public garden and pedestrian crossing, spanning the River Thames, linking the South Bank to Temple station and beyond.

Designed by Heatherwick Studio and inspired by actress and campaigner, Joanna Lumley, the Bridge will provide a vital new route between north and south London and feature plants, trees, woodland and meandering walkways to be used and enjoyed by all.

Led by The Garden Bridge Trust, its ground breaking design will integrate a new kind of public space into the fabric of the city, adding to London’s rich and diverse horticultural heritage.

Garden Bridge Trust is a registered charity. Charity No. 1155246.

Garden Bridge Trust is a registered company limited by guarantee.
Company No. 8755461.

Registered company address: 50 Broadway, London, SW1H 0BL


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The Garden Bridge Trust, a UK registered charity, is overseeing the completion of the country's first Garden Bridge. The Trust will raise the majority of funds to build the bridge through donations from private individuals, trusts, foundations, and corporate gifts. A public fundraising campaign will also be launched in the spring of 2015.

During a recent consultation, many of you gave us your views on the Garden Bridge and how you would like to see the project evolve. To find out more on the feedback you gave us, download here

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Garden Bridge Consultation Report

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25 November 2014

Dear Supporters,

London’s newest and most imaginative green space

This month’s planning approval from Lambeth Council marks a major step forward for the Garden Bridge. It is a hugely exciting time for us at the Garden Bridge Trust, as the charity dedicated to making and maintaining London’s newest and most imaginative green space. As we prepare for planning committee at Westminster City Council, we would like to remind people about the original vision for the Garden Bridge and the ambition which has inspired so many to lend their support to this project.

The Garden Bridge will be open to everyone and is fully intended for public use. It will be somewhere to meet and spend time, with education and volunteering opportunities so people can get their hands dirty, helping with the upkeep of this new community garden. It will also provide a new link between cultural centres and tourist attractions on the North and South Banks.

As with any public spaces, it is important that the bridge is comfortable and safe for everyone to use. Cyclists will push their bikes, so we create a safe pedestrian environment while keeping as much space as possible for the garden. We need to consider how many people will visit at peak times and how to best manage numbers for everyone’s enjoyment. So we have forecast pedestrian numbers and collaborated with other partners along the South Bank. As part of our planning application we have had to define the size of a group in situations where number management may be necessary. This was initially proposed at 9 or more people, but this is just a starting point. Over the next six months, the Trust will continue to consult with local stakeholders and partners to ensure we have appropriate systems in place to manage the expected numbers. We are keen to ensure the bridge offers an enjoyable visitor experience for all.

The Garden Bridge will open from 6am to midnight, which is consistent with operating hours of cultural institutions on the South Bank and transport hubs at Temple and Waterloo Station. We had to include timing as a condition of the planning application. There are no plans for ticketing and the Bridge will be free and open for all.

As a UK registered charity, we will work to generate income to fund maintenance of the bridge. We are exploring the possibility of holding a limited number of private events on the bridge each year. Every effort will be made to ensure the bridge remains open to the general public during these events, but, like many other parks and gardens in the city, there may be occasions where the bridge is closed. These events will include community events aimed at bringing local residents together, as well as fundraising events to generate revenue that will go towards the maintenance and upkeep of the bridge.

The location of the Garden Bridge was carefully assessed and finally chosen to help reduce congestion and increase pedestrian movement across the river, supporting more people to walk across central London. We are also working with experts including the Environment Agency and Natural England to protect and add to the river’s ecosystem and historic foreshore as part of the development of the Bridge. We look forward to updating supporters on the project’s progress and involving you in the growing ambition for this new open space.

Yours sincerely,

Bee Emmott, Executive Director, Garden Bridge Trust